5 Side Effects & Signs of Body Toxicity

This month I have been educating my clients and my facebook friends about turning their bodies into a toxic free enviroment, The list of potentially toxic health issues and diseases are too long to list, but I have chosen to explain 5 reasons in this article.

1. Digestive Issues   IBS (Inflammatory bowel disease) to quotes Brenda Watson is a “trash basket diagnosis”, This is because it is given when a persons gastrointestinal complaints do not conclude to any other diagnosis. Complaints can vary from stomach pains, diarrhea, bloating and fatique. There are many studies that concluded that a constant intake of food additives, pesistide exporure, chemicals, and dyes/colors cause irration in the intestinal tract  and an imbalance of its microflora, increasing the inflammation and exasperating the symptoms of IBS.

2. Allergies & Hives Allergies can also be a red flag that your immune system is out of whack, The more toxins you load into your system, the more likely you will unlock your allergies and hives. In additon, you become allergic to more things. The contant toxin exposure will result in many auto immune system reactions. Proper detoxiication can help reduce hives and allergies almost immediately.

3. Hormone Disorders & Imbalances  I see more and more clients an friends with thyiod issues, diabetetes, irratic testestarone and estrogen levels way out of normal range. They contribute to other issues including cardiovascular disease, chronic inflammation and obesity. Hormones are like a symphony, keeping harmony and a perfect baance. Toxins can cause hormone disruption. Toxins love to accumulate in the endocrine glands (hormone producer) and fatty tiisue (ie breasst) causing disruption resulting not just the mentioned issues but firbriods, cysts, prostrate issues, hair loss…..the list is too long to keep going!

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4. Cancer  The correlations between toxins and cancer has been well proven. So much so that when the public pressed for answers, The National Institute of the Enviroment Health Services and the National Cancer Institute complied a written explaination titled “Cancer & the Enviroment”.This document found as many as 2/3 of cancer cases are link to enviromental conditions.

5. Inflammation All  toxins get filtered through the liver.  Overload taxes the liver. This results in is imflammation, which leads to many chronic conditions. Constant low grade inflammation is the route of all chonic disease. Think about this. Toxins are foreign invaders to our bodies. Our bodies are smarter than us, they will erect a barrier between its own cells, tissue and organs. That barrier is inflammation (think when you have a untreated cut on your skin). If the inflammation is in your joints…arthritis, colon..colitis, tendon..tendonitis, and pancreas….pancreatitis..and so on and so on.

If you would like more information on living toxic free, organic, and ways to detox your body to limited your toxic burden we would love to hear from you.  Feel free to email, join us on facebook, or call us for a consultation or comment below.

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