About me

When clients come to my office interested in weight loss, instead of focusing on “How much weight can I lose?” or “How many calories can I eat?”, we holistically add questions like “ Is my metabolism working properly?” “How can exercise improve BMI?” or “ I am I eating enough vegetables to protect my DNA from disease?” It is these questions and a dozen others that the average weight loss center does not touch upon.

Clients recently diagnosed with a chronic medical condition that responses favorably to food choices, supplementation, imbalances and alternative techniques; I can interface with your health practitioner to create a successful plan of attack. We will work on an individual program that can improve and/or alleviate the symptoms and progression of the medical diagnosis.  I do this with a functional, holistic approach.  For example, the standard nutritional advice to a newly diagnosed diabetic is to be cautious of sugar, refined sugar and the glycemic index. This is very sound adversary. I will take that and move a step further and more holistically. The progression of this diseases is accompanied my hypertension and heart diseases. In fact, heart disease is the largest cause of death in diabetes. We need to be cautious of trans fat, saturated fat, sodium and inflammation.

I am a graduate of both a Bachelor of Science and master’s degree in holistic nutrition at Clayton College. I have done additional education at Seton Hall University.  I have a personal training degree at TTS.  I am a professional member of national association of nutritional professionals and the national eating disorder association. My practice strives to meet the whole individual. The patient’s environment, emotions, values play a part in my treatment as well as their current nutritional and medical diagnosis.