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Bullet Proof Coffee Recipe..A Branded Coffee that is now DIY!

If you are into sports or physical activities, you must have heard of or tried bullet proof coffee. Bullet proof coffee is a branded, high performance drink, made from upgraded or bulletproof coffee beans, which uplifts a person’s energy as well as cognitive function. It is especially liked by athletes, busy parents and people having […]

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Bone Broth..Benefits & DIY Recipe

Since thousands of years humans have been enjoying traditional foods such as cultured diary and fermented vegetables that are not in an extensive use today like before, but one common healthy food that is now even more recognized and consumed for its amazing health benefits is bone broth. In this article, I will highlight the […]

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The Real Price of Farm Factory Animals

            “Dollar” menu hamburgers and dozens of cooking rotisserie chickens in the supermarket are cheaper and quicker than cooking at home. This has made a demand for farm factories and slaughterhouses. Worldwide, about 60 billion farm animal’s are now reared for food consumption each year.  But should we be eating […]

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Champagne Shrimp Risotto- Low Fat

          This is a pretty simple but elegant looking dish that is lowfat! This recipe makes 6 servings. You may subsitute the champagne with chicken broth or white wine. If you use gluten free clam juice and cheese it is a gluten-free dinner also! Shrimp and rice create an excellent source […]

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5 Side Effects & Signs of Body Toxicity

This month I have been educating my clients and my facebook friends about turning their bodies into a toxic free enviroment, The list of potentially toxic health issues and diseases are too long to list, but I have chosen to explain 5 reasons in this article. 1. Digestive Issues   IBS (Inflammatory bowel disease) to […]

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The “Green Monster” Juice Recipe

    The nicest change one can make in 2014 is to start juicing. A big glass on green juice daily can help you flood  every inch of your cells, flushing out toxins and filling them up with vitaniins and minerals. Its the big glass “ass-kicking”  against disease and cancer prevention! I am giving you […]

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5 Powerful & Delicious Ingredients For Your Thanksgiving Table


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Take this Thyroid Information with a Grain of Salt

The thyroid is a small gland with a giant role in your body’s health. The hormones produced help regulate heart rate, sustain healthy skin, and acts as a vital piece in our metabolism. When the gland is sluggish (hypothyroidism), it can deprive the body of energy, increase depression, add extra pounds, dry out your skin […]

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