Compulsive Overeating Management


Compulsive Overeating & Eating Disorder Management

Working with your treatment team, this eight week program is designed to complement and individuals recovery process and gain control over eating habits. The program is a one hour support session that will integrate nutrition, eating plans, balancing hormones, stabilizing blood sugar and reviewing coping skills. We will build a healthier lifestyle and a sustainable eating plan. We will discuss integrating physical activity and alternative coping skills. Covered by some insurance policies with a doctor’s diagnosis.

COST: $395.00

Our holiday time support (8 weeks from Nov-Jan) have been extrememly sucessful in helping young and old individuals get through the holidays being able to manage food, stress and issues that go along with successful recovery. We work this program on a sliding scale rate. Call 201-218-6284 for a confidential consult to dicuss rates and an individual program or you or a loved one.